Meet Clare

Owner|Smith & Lily
Luxury Florist
Sherman Oaks and Los Angeles

As much a product of her roots as the blooms she grows in her fresh-cut garden, Clare is forever influenced by her childhood in the English countryside, where country lanes were lined with cowslip and wildflowers.

The daughter of passionate and knowledgeable gardeners who particularly loved flowers, a respect for nature's magnificence, and an eye for the best of what she has to offer runs deeply through Clare's veins.

Smith and Lily Floral is a reflection of Clare's deep connection to the wild and imperfect beauty of nature. Her floral designs- whether for a dinner party, wedding flowers or a luxury flower bouquet for a birthday delivery - blend interesting foliage, locally grown and seasonal blooms, and her signature artful flare.

The result? Unforgettable florals for your most memorable moments.


"Working with Clare was such a joy! She sent over great suggestions for color palettes but I left it up to her to come up with the final florals and she created such beautiful floral arrangements for my husband’s birthday dinner. Our guests also loved the flower arrangements!"
Pallabi - California

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