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Elizabeth and Michael’s elegant white wedding featured blossoms and seasonal flowers grown in the Los Angeles area. We designed a wedding ceremony as an alternative to a wedding arch. We sourced tall quince blossom from The Los Angeles Flower Market, and white and lavender stock and white ranunculus from local flower growers. It was important […]

An Elegant White Wedding With Blossoms At Every Turn At The Lodge at Malibou Lake


sweetheart table with flowers and candles

One of my favourite things to do is send spontaneous gifts to family and friends. However, I have found myself increasingly bothered by the ecological footprint that goes along with shopping in major stores. Aisles full of factory-made uniform objects, devoid of real value, with no story to tell.

Flea market finds re-purposed into meaningful gifts.

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Flea Market finds re-purposed into meaningful gifts