Are Peonies In Season?

Are Peonies in season? A question that I get asked a fair amount. I love Peonies for their full blooms, fragrance and elegance. Whether you buy your Peonies from Trader Joes, part of a stunning bouquet from a florist your local Farmers Market or Flower Market they always make an impact. I thought it might be helpful to offer a little info. when it comes to the Peony.

Seasonal Peonies in Southern California can be found at your flower shop at Trader Joes or your favorite flower studio from April through June. On the west coast these Peonies are grown in Washington State or Oregon but of course there are other areas of the USA who have the perfect climate for growing Peonies. 

According to East Grow bulbs garden Peonies appreciate colder weather and temperatures below zero for at least 30 consecutive days.

Whilst many Peonies are grown in the USA and Alaska you can also find the imported ones available from March through June - some come from Holland along with the wonderful double tulips (some of which can be mistaken for Peonies). 

Peonies disappear for a while but are then back again at the market October through to the end of the year. These Peonies (favorites are Coral Charm Peonies) many are imported from New Zealand. Imported Peonies carry a hefty price tag.

One final snippet of info. if you buy your Peonies either from the flower market or Trader Joes and they are still pretty tight, give the stems a snip and place in warm water to open up the petals. 

Lovely alternatives to Peonies if unavailable  are double tulips and certain roses in particular David Austin roses, Abraham Darby, Gertrude Jekyll and Mary Rose.