Five Questions With Flower Farmer Elley Chadwick

Check out our five questions with Los Angeles based flower Farmer Elley Chadwick. If you've bought flowers from Smith & Lily over the Summer, chances are they've been designed with flowers from Elley's flower farm and you'll also notice they then to have a great vase life too. One of my favorite Summer flowers in our bouquets has to be the Zinnia.

Unfortunately, due to the current Covid situation we were unable to get together face to face and chat over a cup of tea but hopefully we'll be doing that sooner rather than later!

Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself.

I’m a farmer and gardener living in Los Angeles, California. I sell cut flowers to local designers that I grow at my home in the San Fernando Valley. My day job is running a ¾ acre kitchen farm at a country club near UCLA.

Tell Us How You Got Into Gardening?

I’m originally from Pennsylvania, and growing up I spent a lot of time outside with my dad. He’s a landscape painter, and really taught me to observe and appreciate how incredible nature is. I had a tiny garden patch where I would grow green beans, and was so proud that I would take them to school to share with my teacher. I think I knew deep down that I didn’t want to spend my life working indoors. About nine years ago I contacted a few local farms looking for work (even though I had no experience), and a wonderful farmer with a 40 acre CSA farm was kind enough to hire me. She taught me so much in the three years I was there, and I’ve been growing food and flowers ever since.

Any Favorite Flowers?

Lisianthus, Nigella, Strawflower

Is There A Season You Favor?

It’s hard to beat Autumn in Pennsylvania, but I do love summer in general just because of the abundance that comes out of it.

Where Is Your Favorite Garden?

My two favorite gardens are both close to my hometown, Chanticleer and Longwood Gardens. They are both sprawling properties, but feel incredibly intimate and natural. I was lucky to have grown up so close to Longwood especially, and I have many wonderful memories of spending time there with my family over the years.

You can follow Elley on Instagram @elleysflowerfarm