Flowers For April - The Tulip

I think the Tulip is one of my favorite Spring flowers, they are long lasting, and come in an array of delicate colors as well as stronger pinks, reds and purples.

Whether it's the frilly tulip, parrot tulip, fringed tulip they take on a life of their own. Here are three tips to looking after your tulips in a vase:

  1. Tulips continue to grow whilst in the vase
  2. Snip the bottom of the tulip (at an angle) every couple of days to allow for new growth, and for water to be drawn up the stem to the flower
  3. Continue to enjoy the weird movement of the tulip as they grown and remove any surround lifeless flowers from the vase
  4. If planting tulips in your garden, place your bulbs in the freezer the week before planting. Tulips love the cold and I've noticed a significant difference in their growing when I've done this. 
  5. If you live in colder climates (I live in Southern California) you won't need to do the above :)

Whether you live in Los Angeles or local to me in Sherman Oaks or further afield tulips are readily available during Spring from your local florist, farmer's market or supermarkets such as Trader Joes, Ralphs and Gelsons. 

And, remember you can't really go wrong with them!