Flowers For April

I think Spring might be my favorite season, my garden and the Original Flower Market situated in Downtown Los Angeles has a stunning array of Spring blooms and foliage. 

Starting this week, I thought I'd share some of my favorite Spring flowers. First up the Anemone:

Anemone are perennials that have petals with long stems

The Anemone is available in many colors - white, purple, red, blush, pink 

The Anemone belongs to the same family as the Ranunculus - Ranunculaceae

 I try and plant mine in late Fall for Spring blooming. The flowers are bought as corms - I buy mine from Floret Flowers or Eden Brothers - Floret Flowers have great (free instructional videos too)

They have a wonderful vase life, and can live for up to ten days.

Next week... the Tulip.