Flowers For Your Garden

Now is the perfect time to start direct sowing your flower seeds in Southern California.

Whether you have a garden or a couple of planters, there are a number of easy to grow flowers that will spring to life over the summer - ready for you to cut and place in your favorite vase at home. You'll no longer need to pick up that bunch of flowers from Trader Joes.

Below you'll find three of my favorites, all of them are easy to grow, love the sun, and the more you cut the more they bloom.

  • Zinnia
  • Batchelor Button
  • Cosmos
  1.  Press gently into the ground and cover lightly with soil and give the seeds a good water.
  2. You should see the seeds sprouting in a few days - the blooms will take a while longer.
  3. Here in Southern California you can water the seeds every few days, they aren't drought tolerant but they don't like to be super dry.

They are available to buy at most nurseries as well as online from and

Have fun!