Easy To Care For Indoor Plants

The last few months have seen a rise in demand for indoor plants, especially the easy to care for indoor plants. As a Los Angeles florist offering flower delivery, we are now delighted to be offering plant delivery too.

Our plants are delivered ready for you to place in your house in your favorite planter. We are loving the planters available at Terrain and Target have great options for your home too.

Do you have a favorite indoor plant?

Below you will find some of our favorites, and whilst we love the Ficus we haven't included it on the list, it's not the easiest to care for. It always looks great in those Instagram lifestyle shoots and Architectural Digest magazine but they are sensitive souls and need an extra bit of tender loving care. 

Here are some of our favorite really easy to care for indoor plants:

Silver Bay (Aglaonema)

Extremely easy to care for the Silver Bay plant (also known as the Chinese Evergreen) can thrive in dim light. It's an attractive plant with dark green long leaves and pale veins. You can let your Silver Bay almost dry out before giving it a good soaking. 

Rubber Plant 

An easy to care for indoor plant that can cope with lack of light. They do grow better in good light and keep away from the Los Angles sun - it will score the leaves. The rubber plant enjoys frequent watering in summer and misting. 

Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is a firm favorite at Smith and Lily Floral Design. Here in Los Angeles, California we have a couple of Spider plants in our floral studio. The spider plant likes warmth and lots of liquid at each watering and then almost at drying out water again. The Spider plant also enjoys full or filtered sun in your home or office space.

ZZ Plant (Zamiouculcas Zamilifolia)

The ZZ plant is another favorite at Smith and Lily. Super easy to care for, the ZZ plant grows best in indirect light and if you forget to water it now and again it won't hate you for it and will continue to thrive. 

We hope you find this blog post helpful, let us know if we can help with any questions or if you'd like to talk about plant delivery for your home in the Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks area.