Tips For Planting Bulbs for Spring Bloom

I have a small cutting garden at my home and as a Los Angeles florist I do try and include blooms from my garden in my flower delivery bouquets 

It's about now I start thinking about planting Fall bulbs for Spring-time bloom. It's also about now, I realize I should have been thinking about this several weeks ago  as my favorites do sell out. Below you'll find my four tips for planting bulbs such as tulips, anemones and ranunculus - these are some of my personal favorites and ones I sell a lot of in my flower studio.  I buy my bulbs from Floret Flowers, Eden Brothers and occasionally Armstrong Gardens. You can plant in the ground and I love outdoor planters, especially those from Terrain by Anthropologie and West Elm.

Tip One

Bulbs like to be planted in cooler weather. This can be challenge if, like me, you live in Southern California. Traditionally Spring blooms need to be planted in Fall and as we know October can be scorching hot here right up until Halloween. I place my bulbs in the fridge for a week, sometimes two, before planting. This tricks the bulbs into thinking it's cool weather. I will wait until as late as possible to plant but I plan to have them all planted in the garden by the end of October.

Tip Two

Buy a bulb planter. They are relatively in-expensive and will ensure your bulbs are planted at the right depth. If you plant your bulbs too close to the surface you'll get shorter blooms - I've made this mistake a few times!!

Tip Three

When planting ranunculus and anemone corns, carefully lay them in a seed tray, cover with soil and place in a dark, cool place for ten days. The corns will begin to sprout and be ready to plant in the ground. This was a tip I got from Floret Farm and it gives the bulbs a great head start.

Tip Four

Label your bulbs once you've planted. I've lost count of the amount of times I've planted mine and thought I'll remember which type of tulip I planted where!

Planting bulbs is very rewarding and a lovely pop of color in the garden in Spring. Do you already plant bulbs in your garden? Let me know some of your favorites in the comments below.