Tips For Taking Care Of Your Fresh Flowers

Whether you are buying your fresh flowers from Trader Joes or you've received a flower bouquet from your local florist, these tips will help keep your blooms fresh for longer.

  • Keep the stems of your flowers clean, make sure there are no leaves in the water. It's the leaves that can turn the water bad and shorten the life of your flowers.
  • Replace the water with fresh cool tap water everyday - if not every day try and replace every two days. If you can't replace the water fully, top up with cool tap water every two days.
  • Keep your flower bouquet out of direct sunlight
  • Some flowers have a shorter vase life than others. As the flowers die off, remove them from the vase.
  • As your flower bouquet becomes smaller (you remove any expired flowers) snip the bottoms of any flowers that are left (at a 45degree angle) this will help get fresh water to the flower - tulips are a good example, as they continue to grow once cut.
  • Separate any leftover blooms in to bud vases for around your house.
  • Enjoy your flowers