California Poppy Season is in Full Swing!

I always know spring has finally sprung when I see the first poppies emerge from my cut-flower garden. It is a bloom I look forward to with eager anticipation as winter goes back into hibernation.

Poppies are ornamental plants, flowering on long, thin stems topped with feminine, delicate cup-shaped flowers in vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow as well as soft sherbet shades of coral, pink, and white.

The beloved Poppy became the official California state flower in 1903. This species of flowering plant hails from the Papaveraceae family, which grows native to the United States and Mexico.

Each spring, poppies are particularly celebrated here in Southern California during "superbloom season" in areas like the Antelope Valley, where lush carpets of these beauties bloom as far as the eye can see. Drawing large crowds of floral enthusiasts and instagram influencers, you'll frequently see this natural phenomenon on social media around this time of year.

Though fussy and delicate, poppies pack a powerful punch wherever they bloom, and in whatever floral arrangement they are included.

These whimsical beauties are one of Smith & Lily's favorites to share with clients, as they always bring a smile to our recipient's faces.

Did you know that poppies are edible? Toss a few petals into your next salad to elevate the beauty and nutritional profile of your meal!