It's Tulip Season in California!

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Tulips are a beloved bloom here at Smith & Lily. Each year, we look forward to feeling a surge of joy when we see their first shoots emerge from the ground after a long winter, because they are one of the first signals of Spring!

Tulips are what we call a "hands-off blooms" due to how simple they are to grow and maintain. California's mild climate and long growing season make it an ideal location for these tall, slender beauties, which are inherently sustainable. As a perennial, from a single bulb, they return year after year without needing to be replanted. They also can easily flourish organically, without any harmful pesticides or fertilizers.

With their slender stems, feminine curves, and sturdy green leaves, tulips stand in elegant simplicity, and offer clean, minimal beauty and impact to any event or table they adorn. 

From classic single-petal varieties to more exotic multi-petal blooms, there is truly a tulip for every taste. And they bloom in every shade and color of the rainbow, abundantly offering a hue for every palette. 

In some cultures, the flower is said to represent both love and sorrow, while in others it is seen as a symbol of prosperity and abundance. To us, they're a timeless blend of strength and delicacy that elevate any setting. 

Contact us today to order your custom tulip arrangement delivery or plan an event flush with these beautiful seasonal blooms!