Elegant Beach Wedding at Gladstone’s Malibu  

Cory and Doug’s beachside wedding at Gladstone’s in Malibu was truly magical and remains one of  my favorites. It was a delightful fall day on the Southern Californian coast and the sky was clear with the most stunning views of the Pacific ocean.  

Cory and Doug approached me to execute the vision they had for their intimate beach wedding back  in October 2019. They wanted an elegant beach wedding that had a minimalist simple aesthetic. I  embodied this vision as I planned – and decided on all-white arrangements of calla lilies, roses and ranunculus. 

Flowers I used  

Calla lilies are incredibly versatile flower that epitomise beauty and simplicity. When used in a  wedding, they signify purity, innocence, love and devotion. White roses are commonly used at weddings as they indicate life-long love with trust and peace. Their beauty and fragrance made  them the perfect addition to the bouquets. Ranunculus, also known as ‘elegance white’ are reminiscent of roses but are in fact a type of buttercup. Their layers of silky white petals symbolise  charm and attractiveness. 

Together these flowers elevated and uplifted the already aesthetically beautiful space at Gladstone’s.  The flowers were a mix of locally grown and imported varieties sourced through my trusted wholesaler Mayesh. The vintage-style vases I used were sourced from Accent Decor.  

Not your average beach ceremony  

The intimate, beautiful beach ceremony was an escape from your average beach ceremony, I wanted  the feel to be less boho and more in keeping with the flowers for the reception, and the couples  vision for an elegant, simple wedding. I created a large scale ceremony piece from a variety of  seasonal foliage with lots of texture, movement, and interest. 

The photographers were Purity Weddings, and If you’d like to read more, we were excited to be  featured on the Style Me Pretty blog. You’ll find more photos and a link here.  

If you’re planning a Los Angeles wedding, and would like to talk to my team and I flowering your  wedding, you can reach me through the contact form.

Cheers, Clare

Clare has built up a loyal client base throughout the Los Angeles area delivering daily flower bouquets, subscriptions for private homes and businesses, and designs to wow at your wedding or next event. Inspired by her English countryside roots, Clare has recently turned her hand to growing flowers to include in your flower designs along with locally sourced flower, and those from further afield.

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