Here at Smith & Lily, we pride ourselves on being a green company- we care as much about the oncidium flowers of the Amazon rainforest as we do the daisies of California. Here are some of our sustainable practices to protect the environment.

🌻 We buy locally grown flowers when possible – do we really need those ranunculus flown in from Japan when we have such wondrous blooms right on our doorstep?

🌻 We don’t use floral foam. Ever. Floral foam holds stems securely in place, opening up a wider range of design possibilities and offering extra structure and security. However isn’t biodegradable and has numerous hazardous components, such as formaldehyde, carbon black, and barium sulfate to name but a few. Many of these ingredients are known to be cancerous. Please ask your florist not to use this terrible product when creating installations and centrepieces.

🌻 We use sustainable mechanics such as Agra Wool for installations with fragile flowers in the heat, chicken wire which we can reuse, and plastic trays we can re-use.

🌻 We compost any cuttings or extras we have so that no part of the plant or flower gets wasted.

🌻 We separate plastic and paper when we receive the flowers. The paper we then use for packing material when transporting flowers, therefore giving the paper a second life.

🌻 We never use chemicals, to bleach or dye our flowers and foliage.

🌻 We use diluted vodka to preserve flowers! When you add a few drops of vodka to the vase water, it delays wilting by inhibiting a flower’s production of ethylene, a ripening gas that plants emit.

🌻 We don’t use excess packaging when delivering our bouquets. We use custom tissue paper from Noissue which is compostable. Our ribbons are re-usable. Most importantly our bouquets are plastic-free.

Cheers, Clare

Clare has built up a loyal client base throughout the Los Angeles area delivering daily flower bouquets, subscriptions for private homes and businesses, and designs to wow at your wedding or next event. Inspired by her English countryside roots, Clare has recently turned her hand to growing flowers to include in your flower designs along with locally sourced flower, and those from further afield.

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