Summertime brings with it the height of Dahlia season. Here in Southern California we can start seeing Dahlias as early as May and often as late as October. Here are a few Dahlia facts:

The flowers grow from tubers, when planting make sure to locate the “eye” and plant facing upwards.

Dahlias love the sun and need a minimum of six hours per day. However, they don’t love extreme sun and heat. Here in Los Angeles Dahlias prefer partial shade when temperatures get above 100F

Dahlias require a fair bit of water – a drip system works well.

As the Dahlias sprout and grow, pinch out the middle for sturdy, larger blooms. Also, don’t forget to stake the plants before they get too high.

Placing dahlia stems in hot water as soon as you cut them can help the blooms last longer

It was only a few years ago Dahlias could be considered naff – not anymore – they are in high demand. A few favorites are, cafe au lait for their dinner plate heads, tangerine dream (my personal favorite) and apple blossom.

Triple Wren Farms are stockists of dahlia tubers. Floret Flower can offer advice and tips on how to grow and Santa Cruz Dahlias are worth a follow on Instagram.

If you’d like to order one of our flower bouquets you’ll find link here – be sure to request dahlias in the notes section at checkout.

Dahlia flowers
Dahlias, Cosmos and Marigold

Cheers, Clare

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