Hello - I’m Clare, owner of Los Angeles based floral studio, Smith & Lily Floral Design.

Growing up in the English countryside I was lucky enough to spend my childhood among country lanes, rolling hills and my parent's cottage garden. There were always flowers from the garden in the house - a jug of highly perfumed sweet peas or jeweled hydrangea heads in a vase on the kitchen table. 

Later I moved to London to work in Television Production for 15 years but my love of flowers and design was always waiting in the wings. Twelve years ago I moved to Los Angeles with my husband and kids. Three years ago, with my children in their teens, I made the decision to follow my passion and turn my hobby into a thriving business - I launched Smith and Lily.

From my very own secret garden – a private floral studio in Sherman Oaks, California - I conceptualize, curate and design unique and seasonal English garden-inspired bouquets for events, weddings and parties, as well as taking commissions from local and global brands and venues.

 As well as sourcing only the freshest of flowers and foliage, placing great emphasis on utilizing the best local resources, I let the seasons guide my designs, delivering garden-inspired designs so you can experience the beauty of a flourishing garden wherever you are.


Photography by Julie Shuford Photography 

Clare Ashbrook by Julie Shuford photography