Bouquet Bars: for interactive floral fun!

We are delighted to introduce a new offering from Smith & Lily: Bouquet Bars!

Let our visually festive Fresh or Dried Flower Bouquet Bar be the highlight of your upcoming event.

Book a bouquet bar for your next intimate celebration, and invite your near and dear to craft custom, hand-tied bouquets to take home as a gift. Or include one at your next large-scale event as an enticing ice-breaker to get the mingling going and conversation flowing!

From bridal or baby showers to birthday parties to corporate shindigs and every event in between, a Smith & Lily bouquet bar is a memorable, communal, and visually delicious addition to any affair.

Interactive elements create an immediate comfort level at any sized ‘do. They give you and your guests a central focus, create buzz around a low-stakes interactive activity, foster fun and interesting discussion, encourage self-expression, and give everyone something beautiful to bring home as a reminder of the fun they had.

We’ll work with you to choose a color palette that complements your event plans, come set up the space, and provide a stunning selection of seasonal florals and foliage for your guests to choose from and design their own take-home, hand-tied bouquets as a functional favor.

For more intimate gatherings, we’re also happy to host in our studio space in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Our team will be on hand to provide inspiration or assistance as needed and to help hand-wrap and ribbon each bouquet for your guests.

Contact us today for a custom quote, and get ready to bring more beauty and buzz to your next event with a fun and festive bouquet bar!

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