I love rhubarb syrup and especially a quick recipe! I spotted some delicious sticks of rhubarb in Whole Foods the other day, of course I had to get some.

I grew up in England, our country garden was filled with rhubarb – I was raised on rhubarb pies, crumbles, rhubarb syrup and my favorite rhubarb and fig jam. Rhubarb (in a damp climate) can grow like crazy, an upturned bucket over the rhubarb can help tame it a little.

I’m always excited to spot rhubarb at Whole Foods or my local farmer’s market in Studio City. Often I’ll buy in bulk, take it home chop into one inch chunks and freeze for baking at a later date. However, my recent batch I decided to make a simple, quick and easy rhubarb syrup perfect for my non alcoholic cocktail made with Seedlip and Fever Tree tonic water – of course works well with booze too. I sometimes add to natural yogurt too for a quick snack.

Here’s how I made my syrup:

Wash and chop rhubarb into one inch (roughly) pieces

Place in small saucepan on the stove

Sprinkle with a little sugar

Add a couple of tablespoons of water

Bring to the boil and then simmer until the rhubarb changes in consistency and becomes syrupy

Take off the heat and leave to cool

Place a sieve or cheesecloth over a bowl and push syrup through the sieve. You’ll end up with bits of rhubarb in the sieve and a lovely thick syrup in the bowl

Cover and keep in the fridge


image of rhubarb for rhubarb syrup quick recipe

Cheers, Clare

Clare has built up a loyal client base throughout the Los Angeles area delivering daily flower bouquets, subscriptions for private homes and businesses, and designs to wow at your wedding or next event. Inspired by her English countryside roots, Clare has recently turned her hand to growing flowers to include in your flower designs along with locally sourced flower, and those from further afield.

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