Dazzled by Dahlias!


Mesmerizing and mysterious, Dahlias hold a special place in my heart, both as a floral designer and as a lover of blooms. Their broad range of color and intricate, geometrically hypnotic petal formations bring tremendous vitality and interest to any table or arrangement they adorn.

Dahlias are incredibly versatile, abundant in their variety of sizes and hues. From dainty pompons to show-stopping dinner-plate blooms, we use Dahlias to creatively suit any event’s theme, aesthetic, and ambiance. They also have a dramatic air that evokes emotions: Dahlia’s delicate petals symbolize grace and tenderness, while their vivid colors convey joy and celebration. Whether in centerpieces, bouquets, or even hanging installations, these fantastic florals lend themselves to intriguing and memorable design narratives to elevate any event space.

I especially love Dahlias because they align perfectly with Smith & Lily’s sustainability ethos. Because they’re perennials, we can source them locally, reduce our carbon footprint and support local growers. Available from mid-summer to early winter, Dahlias ensure a continuous supply, minimizing the need for air-freighted alternatives.

They also promote biodiversity, as a rich source of nectar and pollen for various local pollinators like bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

Dahlias are a natural choice for curating magical experiences, thanks to their exquisite beauty, boundless possibilities, and sustainability. They’re perfect in any setting, from simple at-home arrangements, as gifts, or in full-scale event design.

As I like to say, “When in doubt, do it with Dahlias!”

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